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Warm Tips

1. About the update delay of part number data

All the data of are updated from the corresponding suppliers in real time. The spot price and inventory may not be up to date due to the supplier's inventory data is public or the supplier's website is not updated timely. To avoid the changes of the price and inventory, please pay as soon as possible after placing order. If there are any questions, we will contact you immediately.

2. About shipping freight

International shipment: Free shipping on order within 0.5kg. Domestic express: Free shipping on order over ¥500 within 1kg (the cost of first-weight postage is 13RMB in Guangdong province, 12RMB in Shenzhen and 23RMB for other provinces). All additional shipping fee caused by overweight or oversize will be responsible by the buyer.

3.Tariff, commodity inspection and 3C certification fees (place of delivery: Mainland China)

According to the regulations of the China Customs:
  · Duty free for imported integrated circuits.
  · Non integrated circuit components (such as relays, band-pass filters, attenuators, modules, cables, etc.) may need to be charged additional 3%-12% tariffs.
  · Switches, fuses, gas discharge tubes and so on will be charged commodity inspection fees and 3C certification fees.
If the order you submitted includes the model that need to be paid tariff or other declaration fees, we will contact you to pay for the extra fee.

4. About the embargo part number

HQBUY strictly abides by the relevant export restrictions of overseas suppliers, the products which involving export restrictions/embargoes will not be allowed to purchase. It depends on the specific conditions of supplier's shipment status. Occasionally, we will be notified temporarily that the shipments are within the scope of the export restrictions/embargoes, and must be refunded. In this case, we will not be responsible for any result of caused. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. Thanks for your kindly support.

5. Order Confirmation

our order should be regularly checked whether it is involved tariffs or embargoes. Please help to arrange the payment once it is confirmed. Any details please check with Buy Center, or contact Online Customer Service.